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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another Cold Day

Another cold day here in NE Colorado.. BRRRR.. Right now @ 8:51 am it is -9 degrees but feels like -22 degrees. I am so ready for spring!!!!! So with it being colder then a well diggers butt I am staying warm and scrappin pages today. Got my coffee, my cigs and my prozac..am good to go.
First up is Brotherly Love made with a kit by Misty @C4M called Changin Seasons and Template # 4 by gzvalverde. Misty's kits are awesome. You can check her out here. (click image for bigger view)
Next up is Arianna's 1 Today made with a kit by Misty @C4M called Love Grows Here. Template # 28 by Stephinette. Right now if you go to Misty's blog you can collect her BB pages she made for this kit for free.(click image for bigger view)
That's all for now. Making more hot chocolate(a little spice if you know what I mean) lol .
Have a warm scrapfabulous day y'all.
Happy Scrappin
Jo Ann

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